Circadian has been garnering some attention around the world lately. Check it out!

Mother Direct

On June 13th 2020, Circadian was featured in the promotional video, "Mother Direct".

Circadian is also mentioned on the website here:

Top 10 Upcoming Indie Games Like EarthBound

On July 4th 2020, Circadian was the first game featured in ClemmyGame's Best Indie Games video "Top 10 Upcoming Indie Games Like EarthBound". ClemmyGames offers up consistent content about awesome indie games, check out their youtube channel here:

Nintendo Force Magazine

Circadian was mentioned in the July/August 2020 edition, issue #47 of Nintendo Force Magazine in their coverage of the "Mother Direct" video. "Nintendo Force" is the spiritual successor to "Nintendo Power", the epic official Nintendo magazine many of us grew up reading. Check out their official website here:

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