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Hello Friends!

jeffgamedev here! The time has come for an all-too-important update. Here are a few new developments I'd like to share with you...

Steam Page Now Live!

Circadian's Steam Store Page is now Live as "Coming Soon"! Help Circadian out by adding it to your wishlist! Find "Circadian" it on Steam here:

Shane Mesa Joins Circadian Team

Shane Mesa, a composer from the project formerly known as "Mother 4", has joined the Circadian team to create the soundtrack! Shane has already been highly influential on the project, and composed the music found in the trailer. Check out the Circadian Soundtrack on YouTube or on Spotify!

Also, check out the Team Page on the Circadian Website.

MOTHER Direct Promotion

The EarthBound / Mother Series Fandom Website, Mother Forever, is featuring Circadian in an amazing video, "MOTHER Direct", which aired live t 6/12/2020, 2:00 PM CST. Watch it here on YouTube! As of writing this, the video has received over 68,000 views and is garnering attention across the internet.

Trailer Released on Youtube

We've just created a YouTube channel and the trailer has just been uploaded! Check it out and subscribe to us for more updates!

Social Media

We're all over social media! Check us out at these awesome places:

Circadian Discord Server:

Circadian Twitter Page:

We recently hit over 500 likes on Facebook, check us out there!

Circadian Facebook Page:

Website Updates

We've been making frequent updates to the website, so be sure to come back for future updates!


Thank you all so much for your support! If you have any comments, concerns, or enthusaistic hamburger recipes, please contact without hesitation! Until then, FUZZY PICKLES!